Printer cannot print due to an error condition, or the cover is open. What we did not expect was distinct posterization in some areas of our grayscale images. The LaserWriter Utility will not work with this printer. The name indicates three things: The warm-up time presented a small problem when I tried to download a PostScript file to the printer.

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It includes a paper tray at the bottom that handles up to sheets of letter size paper and a multi-purpose laserwriter 16 600 ps on one side that can take up to pages of letter size or legal size paper and supports variable paper sizes including envelopes. Made in North America! What we laserwrkter not expect was distinct posterization in some areas of our grayscale images.

First off, the program does not rely on the Chooser to know which printer to configure. Text printed in grayscale increments down to 5 percent were still legible even in small sizes. This product has been added to your shopping cart. Graphics, however, were a bit lasrewriter when printed with Laserwriter 16 600 ps disabled.

LaserWriter 16/ PS: Technical Specifications

It weighs in at 40 pounds. Apple Printer Utility 1. Welcome Laserwriter 16 600 ps and Text. Toner cartridge is installed incorrectly. The printer is EnergyStar-compliant and has a user-definable idle time before the printer goes into a reduced-power sleep state.


In fact, on text printed both with and without FinePrint I was unable to see any difference without a magnifying glass.

Apple LaserWriter 16 600 PS Repair

The printer does not provide a straight paper path but instead a “C” path with the paper exiting the top of the printer and landing in a stacking bed. Also, PhotoGrade brought out detail that had been lacking in non-PhotoGrade prints, especially laserwriter 16 600 ps areas otherwise too dark for any real detail. In all cases we found mild banding which we expected.

An 166 has occured. Our timing tests include a simple demo page with a small black and white 72 dpi bitmap and a variety of fonts in various sizes, a four page paper in Palatino 12 point both from Word 5. For those of you keeping score, this means a Accepts transparencies and labels too Laserwriter 16 600 ps Standard output tray laserwrtier top of the printer.

The LaserWriter Utility will not work with this printer.

LaserWriter 16/600 PS

Each attribute is a separate font. The interface connections are located on the back right side of the printer.

Limited only by available printer memory. If you have any problems, please contact laserwriter 16 600 ps immediately and we will repair or replace the part quickly. Printer is ready for next sheet of manual-fed paper. To generate a Test Page or a list of laserwirter in any PostScript printer, run the Apple Printer Utility that comes with the system software.


Share Facebook Twitter Reddit. In this case, the name indicates a 16 ppm, dpi, PostScript printer. Medium, Medium Bold, Medium Italic.

In this case, the name indicates a 16 ppm, dpi, PostScript printer. It aborted with the error message “Warming Up” rather than waiting for the printer to warm up. How many people are familiar with selecting a printer in the Chooser, using LaserWriter Utility to rename said printer, and then having to return to the Chooser to select the laserwriter 16 600 ps under the new name before proceeding? This option also supports PostScript fax so you can print vastly superior quality text and graphics when faxing to another Fax Card-equipped printer.