You would need to change it for what you want. Modbus communication seems to be very intricate, time comsuming for a beginner and complex. Also, when you said controlling the motor serially with the stepper drive, is that done with or without a controller? Thank you for explaining everything. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. I am developing a vi to run stepper motor using arduino and easydriver motor controller.

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We have since incorporated modbus code into the labview code and are able to control speed and direction through the serial labview stepper motor. Using the counters of a Labview stepper motor or M-Series board to control a stepper motor is not recommended, as this method doesn’t provide features that are typically required for a motion control application e.

If the motor is not listed, you can use the P Tools to configure a custom motor.

I am not familiar with the Arduino VIs and personally do not have them installed, but it looks like motoor logic labview stepper motor stop the VI labview stepper motor ‘Steps Remaining? I would also specify what hardware you actually have controller, drive, etc. Message 10 of Message 2 of Message 8 of Message 5 of First time posting on the fourms.

LIFA is no longer supported.


Seems like someone was able to do it in the past. Thanks for your time and concern.

Motion Control and Motor Drives

For your use case, it seems like you only want to move one motor back and forth, so if you can control labview stepper motor drive using modbus, using the NI motion controller is probably not necessary. Any help would be appreciated! What learning curve is in this project for someone starting with LabView? I will learn LabView and it will be labview stepper motor piece of cake.

Labview + LIFA + Arduino UNO + Bipolar Stepper Motor GUI.. interesting

Have you been able to probe the wires or run highlight execution? To control a motor, generally you need a drive and a controller. I have a labview stepper motor program to write in that it is also to use Peter’s board. Most Active Hardware Boards: The P Tools is mainly for configuring the drive and the controller is designed to control the drive and move the motor. LINX is what you should use. Would I also need labview stepper motor purchase additonal hardware to properly use my stepper motor?

I want to add these two capabilities to the programme, but my knowledge of labview language is limited. I tried labview stepper motor disconnect the conditional stop from the Step Remaining and connect it to a button, the motor works kotor labview stepper motor. I see that you have multiple posts regarding the same issue.


I guess that LIFE VI only accepts I16 values here, so you cannot change that… This type of control can also have a negative input but still it does not rotate in the opposite direction.

The drive physically moves the motor but the controller sends labview stepper motor signal to the drive and tell it labview stepper motor to move the motor. In this way, I can read the exact position of my motor steppper running the vi another time. If the characteristics of a compatible motor is similar to the custom motor, I would try using the DIP switch settings for the specific compatible motor first.

Do the controllers configure the output so the motor doesn’t behave unexpectedly i. Message 9 of There are two version of the P drive.

Controlling a Stepper Motor with LabVIEW – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

For the PN version, you can use the serial port for modbus communication to controll the drive. Steve J, Did you ever get a mitor response from this posting? To my labview stepper motor above about the steps, here is the answer: