Use Rescan to change the disk status to Online errors. If the drive was physically removed from the enclosure, replace and rebuild the drive using a drive at least as large as the other disk drives in the virtual disk. I don’t really understand how this can be if everything is working properly?? When all attempts to recharge or recondition the BBU have failed, it is time to replace it. When initialization is complete, the volume’s status becomes Healthy. Solutions Learn More Through Courses. Although you can access a mirrored volume while resynchronization is in progress, you should avoid making configuration changes such as breaking a mirror during resynchronization.

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It may be helpful to look at the other events that were generated in order to identify the malfunctioning drive. This action will update the array disk status within the GUI.

This prepares the virtual disk for use by Array Manager by deleting the configuration information on this virtual disk. LS modules are cards installed in slots at the front of the enclosure.

Troubleshooting: Dell OpenManage™ Array Manager

This can also occur if the remote machine was restarted or the service on the remote machine was stopped. I did a reboot and the PERC firmware is 2. Thanks again, Another problem is that since the 0: This is the normal volume status. It is a supported platform, although it will be nearing end-of-life.


The following sections describe how to troubleshoot problems with a failed drive on the the PowerVault F storage system. For any volumes that are not Healthy, right-click the volume from the context menu and select Reactivate Volume. Need to know that information. Make dell virtual disk scsi disk device that the situation you have supports the Expand Capacity command.

If you receive an event notice that indicates a controller has failed or is not responding, there are certain steps to follow to shutdown and replace the bad controller while maintaining accessibility and functionality to your system.

The volume is being initialized.

dell – How do I find which hardware RAID array my server is running? – Server Fault

For example, if one mirror in a mirrored volume fails and data is written to the remaining mirror, the data is now out of sync. How do I determine which of the four drives are bad?? The most current versions can be obtained from the Dell support site at dell virtual disk scsi disk device This state definition appears during the following types of disk operations: The disk should change from Offline to Online, but the volumes remain Failed.

Virtjal for clarifying the switches. If there is a problem with a volume, you can use this troubleshooter dell virtual disk scsi disk device diagnose and correct the problem. Here’s a couple of stupid questions: I see from the post that Virtual Disc 2 is degraded which uses 0: To override cisk protection feature, delete the virtual disk that the primary partition belongs to. Both dynamic and basic volumes display the Failed status.

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Then replace the component and clear the Shutdown State to re-enable caching.

dell virtual disk failed redundancy

Is there a way to create a DOS bootdisk from Win? I’ll let you know what happens There are 12 drives in the PVS it is maxed out and there are 3 drives in the PE with 5 emplty slots for additional drives. Only dynamic disks display this deviec.

Let autocheck run, but do not worry about the message. I don’t know why it was installed like this and have found nothing on the internet of anyone else doing it. Make sure that the underlying physical disk is turned on, plugged in, and attached to the computer.

Both dynamic and basic volumes display the Failed Redundancy status. It may be helpful to look at the other events that were generated in order to identify the malfunctioning drive vitual.